According to a food and health survey from the International Food Information Council Foundation over half of Americans think it’s easier to figure out their income taxes than to figure out what they should and shouldn’t eat to be healthier…

Now, imagine the difficulty people feel when trying to decide which wines to pair with plant-based foods!

Couple the inherent confusion in trying to figure out what to eat with limited information on vegan food and wine pairing and it’s no surprise people give up on ever achieving the perfect pairing partnership!

But don’t fret…. help is here!
First, we begin with…

Sunny’s Golden Rules for Optimizing Flavor

Golden Rule #1

Cook from scratch, mostly from whole-food sources. Plants only, of course.

This gives you a chance to build layers of flavors as you go, creating depth and richness in your dish.

Golden Rule #2

Use seasonal ingredients.

A tomato or eggplant tastes so much better in August than in December…try it!

Golden Rule #3

Source out local ingredients whenever possible.

Befriend a farmer in your community and learn what grows there. You’ll be amazed at the difference in the flavor of greens from a local farmer market versus those you buy in a grocery store coming from hundreds of miles away or even in another country.

Now, tell me have you heard any of these common myths…

Vegetables are ‘problematic’ to pair with wine
Plant-based food has little flavor, aroma, and texture
There is no variety in vegetarian fare
Meat substitutes are ‘bland’
Vegans are restricted in their wine choices
Only white wines are good with plants
Plant-based dishes can’t stand up to full-bodied wines

Any sound familiar?
Those are just a few of the myths and misinformed ideas floating around the wine world that highlight the lack of knowledge about the exciting world of plant-based cooking.

After all, what are we supposed to do without pork, chicken, beef, or fish?

Don’t you think limiting yourself to the same tired ingredients is a sign of very little creativity?

It’s time to expand your horizons, open up to new flavors, cooking methods, and even wines…

Here’s the deal: Vegan food is not what you think!

Either these ‘experts’ know very little about wine, or:

they have no proper exposure to or experience with cooking with vegan ingredients in a way that showcases the sophistication and variety of plants.

This is why I created Decant with Plants.

3 Great Reasons to Choose Plant-Based Dishes for Your Wine


While we have about 5 categories of ‘proteins’ (a fancy way of referring to pork, poultry, beef, game, and fish) on rotation in the traditional culinary world, there are tens of thousands of edible plants to work with.

Who’s limited now??

Expand your culinary repertoire and choose plants!


Plant-based foods are so much more colorful and pretty on a plate…eating the rainbow will increase your endorphins and make you happy!

We eat with your eyes first…but your tummy is also guaranteed to be pleased!


Plants are way healthier and come with a reduced carbon footprint compared to most animal meats.

This doesn’t mean you need to compromise on flavors—the way I will teach you how to cook you can have your cake and eat it too—literally!

Oh, you shouldn’t eat vegetables only because they are good for you—eat them because they are insanely delicious, especially the way I’ll show you!

Keep it simple.

The most important and simplest rule in food and wine pairing is:

The wine should bring out the best in the food, and the food should bring out the best in the wine.

Think of it as that ideal relationship between two people; you complement each other based on your own unique attributes where while on your own you rock, but together you shine even brighter.

The goal is to create a symbiotic relationship so that together the food and wine will vastly improve your dining experience… dinner without that perfect glass of wine to accompany it will now always feel a little incomplete!

Want to learn more about pairing wines with plants, my on-demand classes will do just that! Join with a couple of friends, pour yourself a glass of wine, watch, learn and have fun!