Clearing the space for new energy, opportunities and harmony

Nov 25, 2017

On a weekend when most people are rushing to the stores, online-and off, to buy things on ‘sale’ that they don’t actually need, I felt the urge to do a big purge this morning, as I got a message from the Universe that it was finally time.

I’m big on energy and one of the major things I really observed personally a couple of years ago, is that if you hold on to old thoughts and also physical items, you are in fact preventing yourself from making the progress you wish to make.  Lately I have been feeling a bit discontent with how I’ve allowed other people’s energy to influence the way I make decisions, and I knew that I needed to step up and do something.

By clearing both mental and physical space in your mind and in your living space, you are allowing for new, fresh energy and positive things to come into your life.  This is how we grow. There is a tremendous empowering feeling that occurs from doing this, I in fact already feel lighter than just a few minutes ago when I went into my closet (living room, kitchen, bathroom, attic and basement is next!!). Does it always feel comfortable? Of course not.  More often than not, we can get scared, a little confused and nervous about getting rid of things, ideas and thoughts we have held on to for so long, that have in many ways become a part of who we think we are.

So how do you go about clearing out your life of old, stale energy? Anything that you don’t get a positive feeling looking at, you don’t feel pretty/handsome or confident in or haven’t used in the past year, throw out.  And by throwing out, I mean you can always give it to your local Salvation Army or organization who can give it to lesser fortunate people.   I also got rid of anything I was gifted, or was ‘convinced’ to buy by a friend who meant well, or I don’t have the slightest desire to wear; same thing. I want my closet to be a reflection of me: 100% authentic, reflecting my personality and desires as well as embracing the kind of lifestyle and message I want to spread.

I also realized by going through my closet and belongings, how much social pressure has affected my choices. This was an eye opener for me, because I’ve always thought that I stand up for myself and don’t give into peer pressure.  Either I wanted to be nice, fit in or dress to please someone else, and not myself.

Does that ever feel good? Then why do we do it?  Because innately, we all want to be liked, and we want to be accepted by others.  We’ve been taught that it’s not good to be ‘selfish’ and make a fuss.  Rather than wanting to be like everybody else, we should ask ourselves “am I doing this for me? Or am I doing this to make someone else like me?”

It felt so freeing to just chuck out every piece I felt “forced” to own before. As so many others, I’ve been conditioned to believe I shouldn’t make a big deal about my presence, not be a bother and try to assimilate into the crowd as much as possible.  One way we do this, is by adhering to a certain way of dressing that is in fashion at the time, and by selecting clothes that ‘blend in’ and aren’t too loud or that we think will be acceptable to, or admired by others.

I, and only I, can decide what is right for me. Following somebody else and what they do have never led to the results, happiness or harmony I’m looking for in my life. It’s as if I had an epiphany this morning and got clear on what I no longer will tolerate, as well as what are some non-negotiables for me in order to become the success I so desire to be.  It’s so easy to let others become a greater influence on you than you truly

What have I learned from this small, but incredibly powerful act? To no longer let others tell me who I am, how I should act, what I should think, and most certainly not how I should dress. Even when I’m feeling in doubt, and the easiest thing would be to just follow someone else’s advice or suggestion. I need to be still and really feel into what is the right decision for me.  Then, and only then, will I become the person I long to be, and inspire others to find the same within themselves.


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